About Me

In June 2014, I started writing a column for the Finger Lakes Times called ‘In Focus’.

At that time in my life, I was hungry to have a byline [anywhere]; and the prospect of having one recur in a locally trusted paper was definitely a ‘moment’ for me personally.

That column indirectly led to the job I have today, which is leading the Finger Lakes region’s largest, digitally-only news organization FingerLakes1.com. In the years since beginning that column, and landing my dream job – I’ve continued sharing my thoughts and views, in addition to the news gathering I do in my day job.

In 2015, FingerLakes1.com, Inc. launched a podcast, which I host. It’s called ‘Inside the FLX’ and features conversations with local newsmakers – from the social, economic, and political spectrums. We dabble in current events, but focus on the implications that news stories have on the Finger Lakes region specifically.

The podcast, which was consumed over 50,000 in 2018 is a significant driver in what I do. Connecting with people, having real-life discussion with them, in a format that people simply don’t get exposed to very often anymore is of the utmost importance.

The podcast has also been syndicated across local radio and public access television in various forms and formats.

Here you’ll find some of my personal and professional work, as well as some of the things that I produce exclusively for this site.

Be sure to join me on social – Twitter and Instagram – where I post regular, locally-inspired updates.